• We part at the stairs. I tip toe back to my room and drop everything by the side of my bed. As I begin to crawl underneath the white dove, I hear the piano bench creak underneath your slender tailbone. You begin to softly play away, knowing that I lay here drifting off into another realm with each note you cover.
  • A long moment later, the lullaby stops. And I hear the floorboards shift. You're headed towards my room. For what? Dear god. Why. Don't put me in an uncomfortable position. You know this is entirely inappropriate.
  • But you're so sweet. So kind. So gentle. How could I resist.
  • You call out my name with a whisper. I sit up in bed, hesitating in the black silence.
  • You just want the wifi passcode. I send a picture of it to you. You respond back with a thank you and a nickname.
  • My heart has become so fragile.
  • It's better than having a rock for one instead.
I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.
Maybe we’re from the same star.

Emery Allen  (via lilkittyprincess)

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Raine's Debut EP, "Hope Was A Mountain"

Hi, I’m Lucas. Raine’s webmaster and brother.

I chose to write this introduction because I think you and I have something in common.

By now, I have contributed several hundred hours of work and a reasonable sum of money to this project. Since you’re here, I assume you too are considering making a contribution. Let me try to convey just what you’ll be getting out of it, for it’s the same things I’ve received and nothing less.

This is not a paid job I have, and I was once debating whether the “Rewards” would be worth it for me. I have the gratitude of a sister, for sure, but that’s hardly a fair exchange for all of my contributions.

There is a feeling much deeper which motivates me to keep doing this. It tugs at my soul.

This music must get out into the world.

The music is my greatest reward. Every morning I plug in my headphones on my bike to work, and am greeted by the heavenly choir of angels that is the beginning of “Diamond”, one song off the EP. When I hear this ballad, the sunlight on the water I ride beside seems to scintillate with the deep strums of the cello, and I am filled with indescribable feelings of longing.

The other day I collapsed onto my bed and spontaneously cried. I couldn’t move, stricken by a feeling of hopelessness and despair that was probably the result of me being overbooked and overwhelmed.

I jammed my headphones into my ears and put on “Hope Comes”. “I think it’s time for me to talk to God, and ask him / To take away your pain so you can begin / To have a life that’s filled with love and all good things / To make you want to live / And change the way you think”. Like nothing else could, this song gave me the strength to get up.

So to you on the other side of contributing: I am beginning to think my rewards outweigh my contributions.

I feel that I have latched onto something so special, simply by having the “in” of being a relative. But I want everyone who wishes it to be a part of this project. The music is universal, and this is an industry where the power of collaboration has amazing potential. By giving to this project, you become a part of it.

I have been at the front lines of so many of Raine’s shows, and every time I forget. Every single time I forget that I am about to be swept away by a tidal wave of beauty and emotion, and I forget that the prodigy I see on stage is related to me at all because I am simply moved.





We go forward.


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